SwiftRev Revenue

Turn Inbound Press Releases into
New Revenue

Turn Inbound Press Releases into New Revenue

SwiftRev Revenue converts failed press releases into nurtured sales leads, for your existing media products.

SwiftRev B2B Media PRess Release Monetization Platform

How does this work?

Widget Install (in 5 minutes)

editors forward failed press releases

SwiftRev extracts and nurtures non-PR contacts

warmed, scored leads deliver to reps, for existing media products


The Paid Press Release

When efforts at reach fail – an email to an editor a with press release and a “request” to cover – what should the sender do? The answer – buy a spot in your “Paid Press Release Channel”, like this. 

Promotions are unlocked – to email lists, to social media followers and more – giving the buyer the chance to still get their news out with the backing of your brand.

Paid Press Release Channel


Get started in 5 minutes.

No engineering needed here. In five minutes, create your account, create your new brand and install copy and paste in widget code into your CMS. That’s it, you’re ready to go.


Built-In Marketing and Sales

Drive revenue through our editorial “Handle It” feature: failed press release emails are forwarded to SwiftRev after which contacts are extracted and 3-step email nurtured to a purchase.

Also, once you joined the SwiftRev Marketplace, let us bulk sale press releases on your behalf through our PR Agency Reseller Program. No investment needed – just look for the royalty check.


Optional Features

Interested in tapping into our optional features to drive even more revenue?

Nurtured Leads

Our Handle It process – your editors to our platform failed press release pitch emails – unlocks hundreds, if not thousands, of potential leads. Use our optional 5-step nurture feature to upsell your existing media products.

Bulk Press Release Selling

Our Free Plan includes revenue share from single ecommerce transactions. But interested in bringing bulk paid presses to your existing customers and potentially 10x sales? Check out our Bulk Sales Plan.

paid press releases for tradeshows


Run a Tradeshow?
Or Conference?

Then you likely get hundreds of inbound press releases – at the worst possible times. Allow SwiftRev to handle them for you – sign up for free, copy and paste our paid press release widget into your website’s CMS and monetize those press releases with no effort and no cost, generating new revenue while taking that burden off your plate.

How Much Revenue Can You Make?

Start with our free plan and earn revenue from your editor-driven purchases and the future SwiftRev Reseller Program. Or, add the “Leads” plan and get access to get leads to drive sales to your existing media products. To understand potential revenue, download the SwiftRev Revenue Calculator, below.

Using AI to transform media

SwiftRev has built new AI capabilities to immediately categorize content plus proprietary editorial preference data – making it possible now to instantly categorize news types and predict their value to editors. 

Download our free SwiftRev News Value Matrix to understand the 10 major types of B2B news and their relative editorial value.

Are you interested in competitive content intelligence, instead? Check out SwiftRev Intelligence.

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