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Editor Pitch Protection

A free feature given to all editors, Editor Pitch Protection gives tools to editors to digitally respond to an increasingly wave of inbound press releases sent from software platforms. Digital tools to turn down press release pitches, at no cost.
handleit email address

Brand HandleIt Email Address

High precision, low effort editorial support.

Editors power SwiftRev by pushing failed email pitches, previously stuck in their email inboxes, to our platform. And that process is easy and fast, using a brand-specific “HandleIt” email address. Forward dozens of emails in only a minute, or two.

Polite "Rejection" Email

Let SwiftRev be your messenger.

We know responding to any email pitch is, practically, impossible. Why? Because turning someone down, just leads to more questions. The Polite Rejection Email from SwiftRev – triggered by each HandleIt sent – does that difficult work for you.

handleit rejection email

SwiftRev Reply-To Email

Annoying follow ups - no more.

Once the polite rejection email is sent (above), any follow up message is to us – not you. That means an end to annoying follow ups, like “can you please tell me more about why this press release was not covered?”.