Customer Media and Promotion Kit

We’re here to help you get the word out. Use the recommended media, below, to quickly jump start your promotional efforts.

Ad Messaging

The following are the ad messages used in the ad units or recommended you try out. Feel free to improve/modify, as you see fit! Our core recommendation: focus on frictionless, news submission. If helpful, make it clear that there is not cost/it’s free.

  • Is your company making news? Let our editors know.
  • Got news? Submit it for free.

Ad Units

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Email Messages


You’re receiving this email from BRANDNAME’s marketing team, as you’ve shown interest in sharing news with our audience. 

We’re excited to share that we have a new way for you to share breaking news with our editorial team! 

Click on “Submit a Press Release”, here: INSTALLURL

Through this new Press Release Channel, you can submit your press release to editors for free. No more getting lost in editors’ inboxes, the platform streamlines the submission and ensures you’re putting your best foot forward. 

And editors can’t cover everything (often, less than 1 in 7 press releases get turned into articles). So if your news is important and needs audience awareness now, you can select a paid option to have your news immediately show up in our Press Release Channel (linked above).

This platform is live now, so give it a shot when you need to promote your next press release.


Our editors will appreciate it.




FNAME: First Name, e.g. “Stephanie”

BRANDNAME: Name of the news/magazine brand, e.g. “ACME News”

INSTALLURL: URL of the press release platform, e.g. “https://www.acmenews.com/press-release/

SIGNATURENAME: name to use at end. This doesn’t need to be dynamic. Could be from your marketing team or lead editor.


Subject Line Options: 

  • “A new process for submitting press releases”
  • “Do you have a press release to share?”
  • “RE: BRANDNAME press releases…”