Hit the revenue “easy” button and join the most innovative platform in B2B media.



per Month*

*Post trial, annual subscription required

Join and receive no investment-required revenue – all reward, no risk

Free includes:

  • 50% of sales from your editor-controlled Handleit Process
  • 30% of sales from the SwiftRev Reseller Program
  • “Easy” monthly royalty payments
  • Free workflow tools for editors
  • Free CMS webhooks
  • Optional: quarterly reviews



per Month*

*Post trial, annual subscription required

Unlock access to nurtured leads wanting your existing media products

Everything in Free plus:

  • 8-step nurtured leads, sourced via your Handleit Process
  • Lead management interface
  • Integrate our Leads API into your CRM for improved reporting and access

Bulk Sell


per Month*

*Post trial, annual subscription required

Enable bulk selling of paid press releases to your existing customers

Everything in Leads  plus:

  • Access to 100% off code feature, enabling bulk proposals (10+) to your existing customers, via your existing invoice process



We can help. Through 2 meetings, we provide strategic organizational, product and marketing support (optional)


We accept credit card only for the recurring monthly subscription. Contract customers with annual payment may pay via invoice.

Yes! SwiftRev is set up to have unlimited number of websites (we call them ‘Brands’) possible. Set up as many as you want. The cost per website is what you see, above.

Yes, contracts are available for terms of 12+ months. They are ideal if you’re looking for scale discounts, access to our API or SLA commitments.

SwiftRev’s core feature is that it helps editors get qualified leads out of their inboxes and into our database. Once there, the contact gets nurtured – first to a paid press release purchase, then to your existing media products. Nurtured contacts can come from our handleit feature or via free press release  submissions.

First, let’s meet. Once you select your first site, we will set up your account and get you started. The account needs an admin/lead and then, for each brand, editor users.

We do. We will have periodic training sessions. If you’d like more immediate support, we have an optional go-to-market support plan.

One is in the works, yes. It is available to contract customers. It enables additional reach features, like including press releases in anywhere on your website, as well as inclusion in email newsletter systems.