SwiftRev for Editorial Leaders

Prove content quality.
Justify team investments.

Prove content quality.
Justify team investments.

Running editorial teams can be tough. Get new competitive intelligence proving content quality, improving your sales position and making team investments that much easier.


Trusted by editorial leaders at top media companies.

Access Intelligence media brand
Endeavor Business Media
Networld Media Group

First-Ever Reporting

Tracking editorial content, especially in larger teams, is practically impossible. Aggregate all content production, score it and deliver in one single report.

Understand Competitors

Media brands content quality drives perception in market. Do you know if your brand really outperforms your #1 competitor? SwiftRev proves it.

Drive New Revenue

The failed press releases in editors’ email inboxes are an untapped potential for new revenue. Convert them into new direct revenue.

Understand True Content Originality

Using our proprietary AI, we analyze all recent articles for you and your competitor, identifying originality and making instantly clear where a brand is truly connected to its audience or reliant on press release re-posts.

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Identify High Performing Editors

Content decisions are made by editors, but attempting to understand content production has traditionally been impossible. We breakdown total article production by type and over time, making it easy for you to make decisions, and investments, you could never do before.

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Easily Identify Content Favorites

We’ve built the industry’s first content categorization AI, allowing us to make sense of both your content production and your competitors – or anyone’s. See the results in clear, easily analyzed formats.

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