Deep Dive – The Weekly “Handle It” Report

So, you’re signed up as a SwiftRev user. One core feature is the handle it email forward, helping editors say “no thanks” to un-newsworthy press releases, quickly and with editorial distance.

As a result of that process, successful editors may find themselves sending a large percentage of their press releases to the handle it service, often averaging 7-10 per day.

But, how do you know it’s all working?

SwiftRev’s Handle It Weekly Report provides a summary of all forwarding activity as well as time saved by you not having to send those emails yourself. See it, below.

What’s included in the report?

  • # Emails Forwarded”: sample data, “11”. This is a count of the number of forwards you sent to the handle it service.
  • “# Emails SwiftRev Sent”: sample data, “14”. This is a count of the emails SwiftRev sent to press release contacts, on your behalf. This number may be greater than the “# Emails Forwarded” for two reasons – there are more than one contact email in the emails you forwarded or the editor is on 2 or more brands. Reminder, for each contact we are sending to, we send one email for each editors’ brands.
  • “Time SwiftRev Saved You This Week”: sample data, “55”. In minutes, this is an estimation of the amount of time the platform has saved you from sending “we’re sorry” letters to non-newsworthy press release senders. More about what’s included in that email.
  • Table of all handle it emails sent on your behalf. To see the list of all emails we sent on your behalf, including the date, brand and emails sent to, go to the table at the bottom of the email. Put another way, the count of rows in this table will equal the number # Emails SwiftRev Sent“, in the top right.

When does the report send?

The report sends once per week, on Mondays, at 12:00AM UTC time. Curious what that time is for you?

How time frame is included in the report?

The email includes all handle it forwarded emails from the previous 7 calendar days, only.

Is our email mobile friendly?

Yes, it is. Very easy to read on a mobile device.

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