How do I tell people about SwiftRev?

So, you’re a user of the SwiftRev platform and a content creator.

And you love using the platform to manage your press release workflow.

But how do you tell your community of marketers and PR folks that you want them to now send press releases to you through SwiftRev?

Or, how do you tell press releases “no thanks”? This could be because the content just isn’t newsworthy (i.e., a low SwiftRev score).

SwiftRev has your back via our “handle it” feature.

The easiest way – forward the press release email to handleit at swiftrev dot com – and our automated notification process will do the rest.

The details:

  • When your email is received, SwiftRev automatically extracts all email addresses.
  • Any emails that are not part of your organization are identified as “to” emails to be sent to. Note – this means the number of emails your single forward triggers corresponds to the number of emails to be sent to.
  • Any emails from your organization are identified and are excluded from any notification emails.
  • The email is customized to your brand and encourages submitting of press releases through the “press release platform” (Swiftrev). See that email below.
  • Are you an editor on more than one brand? We will send an email for each brand you are connected to. This is due to the fact that the exact brand a press release was focused on can’t be automagically identified from your forwarded email. But the end result is a good one – awareness of all of your brands and encouragement to submit press releases through SwiftRev.

The handle it feature is great not only because it saves you time in declining news, but when future press releases are submitted via the SwiftRev platform, they come with a SwiftRev Report.

Do you need to include the “brand” you cover in the email forwarded to handleit at swiftrev dot com?

No, you don’t. We automagically identify the email is from you and connect you to the brands you cover.

What does the handle it email look like?

See a snapshot of an email, below, for a fictitious “ACME News” brand.

How can you track your handle it activity?

Editors in performing teams forward a large percentage of their press releases, normally those that are not newsworthy, to SwiftRev. This activity can be significant, averaging 7-10 press releases per day.

To provide a feedback loop, SwiftRev supplies a weekly Handle It Weekly Report. Find out more.

Prefer to send your own email?

We discourage you from sending your own messages about the platform, instead of using the handleit service. By sending your own email, certain key features will not work.

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