What is the SwiftRev Score?

Visible to editors once a press release has been submitted is the “SwiftRev Score”. In the following Guide, we’ll walk you through what this is and how to use it to instantly understand the value of a press release to your audience.

Where is the SwiftRev Score?

The SwiftRev score is attached to every press release submitted through the SwiftRev platform. When you, the Editor, are reviewing the submitted press release you’ll find the SwiftRev Score at the top of the page. See below.

What does the SwiftRev score do?

The SwiftRev score is an automated, AI-powered algorithm that instantly analyzes press release content and determines its audience value. It does this by using a custom AI to classify the content of the press release into weighted classifications (more on that here) as well as providing a weighted value based on the size of the organization or company in the press release.

Topic/classification plus company size impact is weighted and the result is the SwiftRev score.

Let’s dive deeper into the look and feel of the SwiftRev score.

Detail: SwiftRev Score

Above, we’ve highlighted the value of the SwiftRev score. Possible values include:

  • Low: low value to your audience
  • Medium
  • High: very high value to your audience

Detail: Release Topic

The Release Topic is the AI-powered classification of the press release, saving you time and effort in analyzing the press release. We’ve trained our custom AI on thousands of press release, giving you confidence in its accuracy.

Possible score values are:
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

The score value, above, is connected to the classification type. There are 11 potential classification types and all are not equal.

Detail: Company Interest

The second part of the SwiftRev score is “Company Interest”. When the press release is being created, SwiftRev pulls company data from multiple sources and one critical point is the number of employees.

We then weight the importance of a company’s news importance based on the size of the company’s employee count.

Simply put, for example, an “acquisition” of a 10-person company is much less interesting to an audience than an acquisition of a 1,000-person company.

Possible “Company Interest” values are:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

Combining the impact of the Release Topic and Company Interest

The Release Topic and Company Interest are weighted and the combine score translates to the overall SwiftRev score.

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