What are the press release classification types?

As part of the SwiftRev Press Release Interest Score, SwiftRev automatically classifies press releases.

This process is automated and leverages proprietary AI built on thousands of press releases.

There are 10 types in total:

Event or Initiative Announcement

Includes physical event announcements and non-product initiative announcements, including philanthropic.

Geo and Personnel Expansion

Includes announcements regarding geographic expansion and organizational growth.

Financial Results

Includes specific financial results announcements, as well as announcements about overall sales or revenue growth.


Includes capital fundraising announcements.

Leadership Announce or Org Change

Includes announcements of new executive leaders as well as large scale organizational restructuring.

Merger or Acquisition

Includes announcements about company acquisitions, mergers and divestitures.

New Product or Service

Includes announcements about new products, new service and rebrands.

Partnership and Customer Success

Includes announcements regarding true partnerships as well as announcements of customer “wins”.

Award Recognition

Includes announcements in public rankings and award programs.

Research and Report Findings

Includes announcements using quantified, case study-like messaging, announcements using survey results and announcements focused on academic reports.

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