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The Leads by Company feature is the core of the SwiftRev platform, providing a summary and enriched via of all activity, across all contacts, for a specific company.

Get one view of all attempted earned media attempts, sent to your editors (handleits).
See all paid press releases.
Identify all individuals who have contacted your editors, with interest in your audience.

In short, it’s the single most powerful tool to find qualified interest from future media-buying customers.

First, let’s start with the dashboard – the screen that shows all companies.


Key things to know about the Company Leads dashboard:

  • Every brand has proven interest in your audience – it is a list of all Companies that have attempted to get earned media from your brand, but did not succeed.
  • They are likely not a customer – but all brands forwarded, were decided by your editorial staff
  • They are sorted by highest “Company Interest Level” (more below). In short, the best leads are at the top.
  • To see detail on each company, click on any link in the company’s row. More below.

One of our favorite feature is the company “tags”. There are four:

  • “Multi-Brand”: this company has reached out to 2+ brands at your company. A large opportunity.
  • “Large Company”: this company has at least 1,000 employees. A big budget.
  • “Recent Engagement”: this company has engaged in the last 7 days. This includes a handleit being forwarded by your editor, opening or clicking on a nurture email. A hot lead.
  • “Proven Buyer”: this company has bought at least 1 paid press release. Nuff said.

In the far right of each company row you will find a count of contacts, plus links to discover IDEAL marketing contacts. Click on:

  • the Google icon, to get a direct link to a filtered search results of top marketers at your company
  • the Linkedin icon, to get a direct link to the company’s Linkedin company page, filtered to “marketing (requires being logged in to Linkedin)

Next, let’s look into the Company Detail screen.

Company Overview

Big screen, right? That’s because there’s a ton of information SwiftRev has provided to decrease your research time. That includes:

  • the website
  • the Linkedin company page
  • the founded year
  • the industry served
  • total employee count
  • the number of marketing employees
  • the city, state and country of the company’s headquarters

Company Interest Level

The Company Interest Level brings all the most important lead signals into one, easy-to-understand score and interface.

It shows:

  • xxx
  • xxx
  • xxx

Find out more about how the Company Interest Level is calculated.

Brands Engaged

Want to sell more? Then use the “Brands Engaged” intelligence to create a large proposal with more possible commission.


A “handleit” is a forward, from your editor, of a failed earned media attempt. Or put another way, a press release they chose not to cover. Almost always, it’s a non-customer (which is why SwiftRev is really a new logo platform). Use our list of handleits so you can see WHAT it is your future media customers sell and what their priorities are.

Paid PR Spend

If the company has bought a paid press release from your brand, it will show up here. It’s maybe the single most important signal of a future customer – they have already given your brand $$$.


These are the contacts SwiftRev extracted from the handleits. Each contact is sent down an 8-step nurture process. Use the list of contacts to find an ideal target to reach out to first, with the highest “SwiftRev Lead Score”.

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