Setting up Nurture – Step 6

This is Step 6 of the Nurture feature – find out more about that feature, here. Reminder – only Admin users can modify the settings for the Nurture feature. The focus of Step 5 is: your Editorial Calendar Note: this is an optional, skippable step, in case you don’t have an editorial calendar. How to […]

How to claim, or decline, a press release

Through our Claim or Decline feature – more on the why here – editors can now make clear how they intend to use a proposed press release, helping set expectations with peer editors, as well as making instantly clear to a PR sender if earned media will happen. In the following Guide, we will walk […]

How to set up your site for maximum visibility

At the end of the day, SwiftRev is a platform reliant on top-of-funnel traffic. In addition to editors driving awareness via the handleit feature, your site itself is a major driver of visibility through proper linking. Use the “Widget Implementation Guide”, linked here, to see our recommended best practices.

Sample SwiftRev Report for Editor

Surprised by SwiftRev’s branding? We are the tech platform powering the press release workflow for the brand you just came from. If you’re a marketer or public relations pro, you likely have promoted your story to a news source in your industry. Did you attempt to notify editors by email? Via an “email blast” that […]

Who is notified when a press release is purchased?

When a user purchases a press release, immediately two user roles are emailed: The Editor of the Brand submitted to The Admin of the Account / parent company of the Brand The email notification guides those users to log in and see the SwiftRev press release analysis.

How do I integrate SwiftRev code in my website?

Good news! It takes about 3 minutes to implement SwiftRev code into a common CMS (content management system) used by most media, news and publishing organizations. Note – before implementing SwiftRev code into your website, you need to have created your Brand first. 1. Go find your Brand. 2. Go into the “Widgets” section. 3. […]

Does SwiftRev use passwords to log in?

We don’t! Weird, right? Why? Simply put, we know you’ve got more passwords than you care to manage. Who needs another? In place of a password, we use a system where your account is created by an admin from your organization, first, after which you’ll immediately receive an invite email. From that point going forward, […]

Which CMS platforms does SwiftRev work with?

For our media customers, integrating SwiftRev is as easy as dropping in some code to a new page and hitting publish. Some users, especially our technical users, may be wondering if there are any limitations on where that code can be places. As this was written, we do not know of any technical issues when […]