Now integrate SwiftRev Press Releases into your CMS – for Free

Make the content yours and at now cost. Find out how.

Great news – you can now integrate SwiftRev paid press releases more deeply into your website making the content native content in your CMS – just like your articles.


Via the new SwiftRev Content Webhook.

Free for all users, find out how to integrate it today.


Almost all of our media customers start off their journey with an easy, fast integration via our Widget. As adoption increases, the need to move from a trial mentality to an integrated once requires the content to become part of your CMS, unlocking:

  • Discovery within your search interface
  • Product expansion by including press releases in emails
  • Reach expansion by include press releases around your website

Most importantly, it makes the content your content, forever.

SwiftRev is the first Press Release MONETIZATION Platform

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