Major change to our Press Release layout

After a great experimental run, it's time to say to a beloved feature.

Note – if this doesn’t make sense or have context – no worries! You likely became as a customer AFTER this change

We’ve made a major change to the layout of press releases within the SwiftRev widget – we have moved from a 2-column format to a 1-column format, leading to a removal of the company information area that was previously in the right-side column.

Why? The company information was designed to help tell the story of each press release customer, using third party data APIs to automatically populate that information.

As this feature has been live for 6+ months, we have come to realize that it was at times unreliable, providing outdated information and/or no information at all. As a result, it became clear it hurt more than it helped.

Still not sure by what we mean? See the summary image below to get a visualization of the column layout before and after the change.

What does this mean for you?

  • Customers will no longer ask for adjustments to the company information area after their purchase
  • There is no chance incorrect company information is presented to your purchaser

Last, when available, company information will continue to be presented to editors via the SwiftRev Report, aiding in the understanding of unknown brands.

Onward and upward!

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