Leads – now see forwarded press releases


SwiftRev is THE leads platform for media sales teams.

As a reminder, those leads were previously failed email pitches to your editors, forwarded to us and transformed into nurtured leads.

Until to now, those nurtured leads have contained all critical information except – the press releases initially sent to editors. We’ve fixed that.

Now, log into SwiftRev, go to your Leads interface and you’ll see a new column “PR Submissions”.

Then, click on the number and see a popup with the actual press release forwarded by the editor.

Then, click on the download button (down arrow) to download the forwarded email. Note, this opens in your default desktop email software, e.g. Outlook.

Why is this helpful?

  • Sales, have clear context as to WHY a lead contacted, before you call
  • Find phone numbers to call direct contacts

Good selling!

SwiftRev is the first Press Release MONETIZATION Platform

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