Lead Score V2 and Improved Brands List

Our lead scoring engine is more accurate than ever.

Here at SwiftRev, we’re excited to share a few major improvements:

  1. Version 2 of our Lead Score for Leads
  2. Improved Brands list page

About our Version 2 Lead Score

Our nurture feature launched in March 2023 and was a great first version. After thousands of leads pushing through our system, we saw areas for improvement. Check out our updated Lead Score – Detail page to find out how we’ve made it even better.

If you’re a media sales rep, get ready for more quality leads than you’ve ever had before.

About our Improved Brands Page

As our customers grow, they need a hub to check in on settings and controls for their brands. We’ve made our Brands page even more information rich with the addition of new controls that make clear if the nurture campaigns are active for each brand.

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