Editors – now claim, or decline, proposed press releases

The PR cycle - PR rep to editor - is broken. It's time to reset the relationship.

We fundamentally believe the PR cycle is broken, today:

  • PR pros are increasingly relying on automation and scale to send ever more automated messages
  • Meanwhile, editors have less time to respond to each emailed press release, leading to “ghosting”

PR pros are waiting around, watching websites, hoping for coverage, never confirmed. And if their earned media attempt fails, rarely do they find out on time to move to paid media.

Editors need a faster, yet appropriately distanced, way of communicating declined press releases. Manual emailing just doesn’t work.

Enter the new “Claim or Decline” feature from SwiftRev.

For press releases submitted via the SwiftRev platform, from within the SwiftRev Report, editors can now use SwiftRev to:

  • “Claim” a press release. For teams with 2+ editors, this new collaboration tool makes clear who is planning to cover a proposed press release.
  • “Decline” a press release. When marking a press release declined, SwiftRev will automatically notify the press release sender, confirming their attempt at earned media has failed and recommending an investment in paid media, instead. Check out our Editor News Value Matrix to better anticipate.

Find out more in our Claim/Decline Product Guide.

SwiftRev is the first Press Release MONETIZATION Platform

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