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Quality Controls

Automating an editor inboxes-to-nurtured leads workflow may look easy, but the truth is – it really isn’t. SwiftRev has numerous quality controls to ensure only the best data makes its way to our users.
domain AI tagging

AI-Powered PR Agency Exclusion

Using AI to ensure real-time data quality

After an editor sends SwiftRev a HandleIt, automated extraction identifies all email addresses, which includes companies of all types. From there, custom-trained AI looks at the domain of each email addresses and categorizes the domain as a “PR Agency” (40% overall) or a “Corporate Marketer” (60%). Only those tagged Corporate Marketer make their way to additional Lead nurture.

Role-Based Email Exclusion

Delivering the best individual leads, possible.

Reps hate role-based email leads (think press@company.com). In response, SwiftRev has built a significant database of manually curated role-based email prefixes, like “marketing@”, “press@” and many more. These are then used in real time to filter out role-based emails to reps, ensuring a sense of high data quality.

sellable personas

Non-Buying Domain Exclusion

Excluding Domains - and Personas - that don't buy

A lot of press release submitters that don’t succeed would never be ideal buyers for a media rep. Here at SwiftRev, we work constantly to ensure those personas, often identified by website domains, are excluded. For example – .gov, indicating a government press release sender, are all excluded from leads nurturing.