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Individual Leads

Supporting our Company Leads feature, Individual Leads allows insights at the individual email/contact level – press release history, nurture activity and more.
automated lead extraction

Smart Lead Extraction

Ensuring only the best contacts end up as leads.

With all individual leads in the SwiftRev sourced from HandleIts (editor-forwarded failed press releases), our platform extracts all email addresses – from the body of the email as well as attachments. From there, we use numerous quality processes to ensure only quality contacts make their way to our nurture process.

8-Step Nurture

Turn cold contacts into warm leads.

SwiftRev turns contacts with proven interest in your audience into warm, nurtured leads using a 3-step paid press release platform nurture plus a 5-step existing media kit nurture. SwiftRev’s nurture platform turns general interest into confirmed interest.

Individual leads nurture
lead scoring individual leads

Individual Lead Scoring

Easily find the best individual leads.

Using activity data from the 8-step nurture process, plus press release activity history, SwiftRev creates individual-specific scores. Combined with sort and filter controls, now easily find the best individual contacts to call.