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Discount Codes

The Discount Codes feature allows for gratis use of the Paid Press Release ecommerce platform, enabling premium treatment of top customers and a new income stream in large scale bundles of press release selling. Discount Codes are only available in the Leads plan.
discount code creation

100% Off Discount Codes

Enable a credit-card free purchase.

Have access to the Leads plan? Then use our 100% off Discount Codes feature to add a new product to your list of media solutions. Create a 100% off discount code for that premium customer creating more press releases than you can cover. Or, sell bundles of codes – often to multiple brands – and sell a $2,000+ media solution in minutes.

Ecommerce Use

As easy as copying-and-pasting.

Once the code is created (just assign it to the customer’s email address) its use is super easy – just add to a discount code spot in the checkout process. No need for you to contact anyone or do anything.

discount code entry
discount code management platform

Customer Code Management Platform

The only media product that customers can manage themselves.

Once you create a code, it’s automatically assigned to that customers’s email address – and easily accessible in a customer code management platform. This may make SwiftRev the easiest media product to deliver – created codes and you’re done.