Platform Feature


CMS Integration

Adding paid press releases into your CMS is easy – get started in minutes. No IT or engineers needed. And when you’re ready, make the content native – both in your CMS and in your newsletters.
Widget integration


Embed in a CMS page in minutes.

No IT or engineering needed. Go to your CMS (e.g. WordPress), create a Page, pasted our widget code and tada – you’re Paid Press Release Channel is live!


Make content native - and increase the possibilities.

Want to make content native and get SEO benefits? Or, get the ability to put a press release on the home page? Use the webhook to add paid press release content into your CMS, the moment it’s created.

webhook integration

RSS (Coming Soon)

Add paid press releases to newsletters.

Expand beyond the Paid Press Release Channel into newsletters. For customers looking to add value to a purchase, use the RSS feed to add paid press releases to your newsletters – and increase both your price and sophistication.