What do free submissions look like to editors?

This support guide is ideal for editor users of the SwiftRev platform.

Free Submissions in the SwiftRev platform send press releases to editors but do NOT include display in your brand’s Press Release Channel.

SwiftRev has taken care to differentiate free submissions from paid submissions. Here’s how:

A different email layout

The free submission email includes:

  • A green message call out at the top, making it clear that this a free submission

A different SwiftRev Report layout

Once you click on the “View the SwiftRev Report” button in the email, you’ll be brought to the SwiftRev platform to view the Report. The free SwiftRev Report does have a few differences:

  • At the top, a message confirming this is a free submission and this press release does NOT show up in the paid Press Release Channel
  • Removal of the “revoke” button, as that only applies to a paid press release
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