How kind of company information does SwiftRev add to a press release?

When users are creating press release submissions, SwiftRev helps make the press release even better.

After submitting your press release, when it goes live you’ll notice a right column, next to your submitted press release. This right column contains additional company data to tell your company’s story.

The data that we includes contains the following, at the time this was written:

  • Overall company description, as publicly stated by the company online
  • Website url
  • Industry
  • County of employees, by range
  • Is public or private
  • Location – city, state/province, country, as available
  • Categories / specialties of focus
  • If public, a graph visualization showing current and longer term stock price

Note – the “enriched” data SwiftRev supplies may change over time and the list previously presented may not be a conclusive list of data provided.

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