Sample SwiftRev Report for Editor

Surprised by SwiftRev’s branding? We are the tech platform powering the press release workflow for the brand you just came from.

If you’re a marketer or public relations pro, you likely have promoted your story to a news source in your industry.

Did you attempt to notify editors by email? Via an “email blast” that they may, or may not have, signed up for?

It’s easier than ever to “spray-and-pray” news releases at editors. Which means your press release is probably ignored, more than ever.

Enter the “SwiftRev Report” for Editors.

Editors are moving to a new way to consume press releases – summarized, enriched and scored, via the SwiftRev Report. This report comes to editors after a paid or free submission sent through the SwiftRev platform (see a demo of that here).

The SwiftRev Report helps editors instantly understand the value of news, its classification, and has added company information, to boot.

See a snapshot of an actual SwiftRev Report, below.

So next time you want to reach out to an editor that uses SwiftRev, make sure to do it using their online submission platform, powered by SwiftRev.

Some additional considerations – when data isn’t available

Sometimes, especially for the smallest of companies, data may not be available. Below are a few scenarios where data is not available – don’t worry, it’s not broken!

When a company has no social mentions:

These images are powered by Google data. If a company has no visible online traffic – over time or in specific geographic regions – you will see this.
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