How do I integrate SwiftRev code in my website?

Good news! It takes about 3 minutes to implement SwiftRev code into a common CMS (content management system) used by most media, news and publishing organizations.

Note – before implementing SwiftRev code into your website, you need to have created your Brand first.

1. Go find your Brand.

2. Go into the “Widgets” section.

3. Go to the “Widget Code” section and hit the copy symbol to copy the code to your clipboard.

4. Then, go to your CMS and pate the content into your website.

How fast does the SwiftRev widget code render?

The code renders in an average of 250 MS but is dependent on the number of press releases displayed. If you’re finding that the code renders after the page, your site settings may be forcing body content to render after the containing page.

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