How can you edit a press release?

Note – the following Guide is ideal for Editors and Admins, or anyone that may have received a customer request for a press release edit

Why even have edit controls?

These controls became available in June 2023, only after seeing real world behavior from hundreds of customers. There are errors that you may see in paid press releases:

  • Misspelled press release title
  • Incorrect header image uploaded
  • Desire to change the company logo image after initial submission

People are people. But don’t worry, we have a clear customer service position:

All creative control lives with the purchaser.

As a result, they alone have controls to edit a submitted press release.

Who can edit a press release?

Only contacts on the paid press release:

  • “Purchase Contact”
  • “PR Contact”

Important – there is no way you, the editor or admin, can access the edit controls for a customer.

Where are the controls/interface to edit a press release?

There is a dedicated web page/interface, secured by authentication, where the user can edit all aspects of the press release. After they make their changes, they save their changes and they go live immediately. A few key things to note:

  • Each time they want to make changes, they must access this page using the secure process
  • If they change the title of the press release, it will change the url of the press release. But no worry – it will immediately take effect in the SwiftRev widget.
  • Every time they save changes to their press release, they will get a new email receipt, with the updated link to the press release (if appropriate).

Summary: there’s an online portal where the paid press release purchasers alone have access. No one else can access them.

Just in case, here’s a screenshot of a SwiftRev paid press release and the edit controls at the bottom, after the PR contact details.

So then, how does one access the controls to edit a press release after it’s purchased?

Great question! There are two ways:

  1. At the bottom of every press release is a link, “Edit My Press Release”.
  2. Within their purchase email receipt

A screenshot of the link in their purchase email receipt, is below.

What are other things to know?

  • If a user posted a press release to multiple brands, the changes will be universally applied to every instance of the press release

So, what do you tell someone who emails you with issues?

Feel free to copy and paste this message:

We understand you want to make changes. Great news – you have all the controls you need. There are two ways to get access to the edit controls:

1. Go to your online press release on our website. Then, go to the bottom. You’ll find an “Edit” link – click on it

2. Go back to your email purchase receipt. Within that email is a link to the edit controls.

Click on that link, enter a security code to get access and make all the changes you need.

As mentioned above, only you can access these controls

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