HandleIt Emails for Multi-Brand Editors

Note: this Guide applies to “Editor” users only

Are you an editor on 2 or more brands? Great news – use our brand-specific emails to guide a specific forwarded handleit email to that specific brand (note, you can always use our more general handleit at swiftrev dot com email – it will map your email to the first alphabetically email an editor is attached to).

What’s that email? Here’s how to find it.

  • Log in to Swiftrev: app.swiftrev.com or click on “Login” at the top right of www.swiftrev.com
  • Go to “Brands” in the left navigation
  • You will see a screen similar to what you see below

Following the instructions, click on the link to get the brand-specific email address.

Understanding the Email Address

The format of the email address is: “handleit”.”account name”.”brandname”@handleit.swiftrev.com

Let’s use an example:

  • Account Name: Acme Media
  • Brand Name: Tools News
  • Resulting email: handleit.acme-media.tools-news@handleit.swiftrev.com

Make sense? Don’t worry – just copy it from the online interface and use in Outlook, or your email interface of choice.

And great news – use the email once and it will be in your system forever. Going forward, just begin to type the email and it will likely show up after just typing “ha…”.

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