Automated excluded email domains

You may have known that you have control over your nurtured leads to exclude specific “role-based” emails, but did you know that SwiftRev also, automatically, excludes specific domains from being nurtured?

We do. More on that below.


When it comes to inbound emails from PR and corporate marketers, some of them are from automated systems that are middle-men or are not monitored. For the specific domains where this is true, it makes absolutely no sense for you to attempt to nurture these contacts.

So, periodically analyze our large database of PR contacts to identify email domains that should be excluded from nurture.

Which email domains are excluded?

Note – when we add excluded domains, you will find them here.

  • investorwire.com
  • mediaoutreach.com
  • notified.com
  • prnewswire.com
  • via.directmailapp.com

Did we miss one?

Please contact us and let us know.

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