Recommended email to Discount Code users

Note – this Product Guide assumes you have just created at least one discount code for a user. If you need help creating discount codes, read more here Here’s our recommended email to discount code users: You will need to send this: Why don’t we send an email automatically, on your behalf? The discount code […]

Bulk PR Sales to Marketers (with Template)

Note – this is a guide for Sales users Watch the tutorial (We recommend forwarding to 1 min) Did you know that the average editor receives 150+ press releases per month? And on average, they only cover 1-in-7? With only a 15% success rate, marketers who care about their news, need a path. Enter SwiftRev. […]

Monday Morning Leads Report Email – Detail

The Monday Morning Leads Report Email is a critical part of the Leads feature. For Sales users, they will receive weekly emails summarizing Leads activity for their assigned brands. A screenshot of that email is below. The email contains: When is the email sent? The email is sent at 7AM Eastern USA time zone, at […]

Meeting Request Form – Detail

Note – the Meeting Request Form is a critical part of our Leads feature. Reminder – SwiftRev, in part, nurtures contacts of potential customers (often failed press releases forwarded to us by editors) to convert those to qualified leads for your existing media products. As part of that process, we offer contacts links to a […]

SwiftRev Lead Score – Detail

The SwiftRev Lead Score is a critical part of the Leads feature. Below, we dive into the detail of how the SwiftRev Lead Score is calculated. Note – the SwiftRev Lead Score is available within the Leads interface, and is also shown for contacts sent in the weekly Leads Report email to sales users. How […]

How to Use the “Leads” Feature

Are you a Sales user? If so, this support guide is for you. In this article, we go over the most important feature for you – “Leads”. Our Leads feature is where you go to view and download all nurtured leads in the Swiftrev platform. Don’t have leads, yet? Click here to find out how […]

How do I get more leads?

So, you’re looking for leads? One of SwiftRev’s biggest features is nurturing contacts towards purchase, that are brought into the platform. The question is – how do you get more contacts into SwiftRev? Among our customers, the most common answer is: have editors forward more press release emails to handleit (at) swiftrev.com So, to increase […]

How to add a Sales user

Note – Sales users can be added by Editor users, Admin users and other Sales users. First, Sales users, like all SwiftRev users, are attached to specific brands. For each brand you want a user to have access, you must add them as a user So, make your way to the brand to which you […]