Invoice Needed

When you purchase a paid press release, instantly an email receipt was sent to you. See a screenshot of that below. First – please review your email inbox and your email spam filters, as it may have been blocked. Need something more like an invoice? Great – we provide a do-it-yourself template so you can […]

Sample SwiftRev Report for Editor

Surprised by SwiftRev’s branding? We are the tech platform powering the press release workflow for the brand you just came from. If you’re a marketer or public relations pro, you likely have promoted your story to a news source in your industry. Did you attempt to notify editors by email? Via an “email blast” that […]

Who is notified when a press release is purchased?

When a user purchases a press release, immediately two user roles are emailed: The Editor of the Brand submitted to The Admin of the Account / parent company of the Brand The email notification guides those users to log in and see the SwiftRev press release analysis.

How is the “Monthly Audience Reach” calculated?

When purchasing a press release, there is a step where you can promote your press release to other media brands in the same “division”, should they exist (more likely in larger media companies). One of the metrics presented for each brand is “Monthly Audience Reach”. See below. Here is how this is calculated: Monthly Audience […]

Will I be email notified if I have a delayed press release?

Yes you will! An “embargo”, as they call it, is a delayed press release launch date. When creating and purchasing your press release, if you select a time in the future for your press release, you will be sent an email at the time the press release goes live. We won’t let you forget! Promise. […]

What if I can’t find my company?

When creating a press release for submission, one of the first steps is the selection of the company you’re covering. To get started, start typing in the company’s name. You’ll immediately see a list of companies and their corresponding website urls. See a snapshot below. Although we have millions of companies available for search, we […]

Can users submit a press release without paying?

SwiftRev’s customers – media companies and their editorial teams – believe their content and time are valuable. As a reflection of that belief, submitting a press release – and seeing the resulting reach and editorial review benefits – is a valuable process and thus it’s a reasonable request to ask for payment, in exchange. At […]

How kind of company information does SwiftRev add to a press release?

When users are creating press release submissions, SwiftRev helps make the press release even better. After submitting your press release, when it goes live you’ll notice a right column, next to your submitted press release. This right column contains additional company data to tell your company’s story. The data that we includes contains the following, […]