What is Zonda?

Zonda, also known as Zonda Media, is a residential contractor information and media business. It is a re-brand and roll up of previous Hanley Wood media and research properties, as well as following roll up assets.

What Else Should You Know?


Zonda is a private-equity owned business (MidOcean Partners) focused on the residential construction space. It consists of data/research properties as well as media properties, which exist under the “Zonda Media” brand.


When was Zonda founded?

Zonda is a rebrand of the Hanley Wood assets, acquired by MidOcean Partners, as well as the Meyers Research assets, initially acquired in 2018. They were later rebranded to “Zonda” in 2020.


Who is Zonda’s leadership team?

Zonda is ultimately led by David Kieselstein, the chairman of the board.

Other notable leaders include:

  • Jeff Meyers, CEO
  • Andrew Reid, COO
  • Jennifer Pearce, Chief Content Officer
  • Ali Wolf, Chief Economist
  • Jim Zielenski, CFO


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