Omeda Conference / Idea Exchange

What is the Omeda Idea Exchange?

The Omeda Idea Exchange is the annual user conference for Omeda, a leading technology business providing solutions to B2B media and audience-based businesses.

What Else Should You Know?

Omeda, a leading software company for the B2B media market, has an annual user conference which goes by the general name “Omeda Idea Exchange”.

The conference names have an additional year-specific abbreviated designation. For the year 2022, the designation was “OX5”.


Where is the Omeda Conference / Omeda Idea Exchange?

This conference has rotated location, most recently in Chicago in 2022.


When is the Omeda Conference / Omeda Idea Exchange?

The conference was most recently held in the first week of May in 2022. Before that OX4 was targeted for late April before being pandemic-impacted.

It’s safe to book time on your calendar from late April to early May for the Omeda Idea Exchange conference.


Who speaks at Omeda Idea Exchange?

In 2022, a few of the headlining speakers and panelists were:

  • June Griffin, COO @ Endeavor Business Media
  • Scott Jamieson, COO @ Annex Business Media
  • Heather Farley, COO @ Access Intelligence
  • Amy Schwandt, CRO @ AC Business Media
  • Patrick Lynch, Managing Director @ CFE Media
  • Joe Webster, VP Global Email Strategy @ Future Plc
  • Amanda Landsaw, VP Audience Development @ Endeavor Business Media


Who attends Omeda Idea Exchange?

It’s a gathering of B2B media leaders, including:

  • C-suite
  • Audience Development
  • Product Development / Management
  • Revenue
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