What is MediaGrowth?

MediaGrowth is a B2B media-focused community business, most notable for its annual meeting “Summit”, usually held in the month of June.

What Else Should You Know?

MediaGrowth is one of the key connection points for B2B media leaders, enabling networking and knowledge exchange. Beyond the core product, “Summit” – an annual conference, MediaGrowth consists of numerous other offerings for participants.


Who founded MediaGrowth?

MediaGrowth was founded by Kathi Simonsen, a veteran consultant to the B2B media industry.


When is MediaGrowth’s annual conference?

Known as “Summit”, the MediaGrowth annual conference is most often held in June. In June 2022, for example, it was held in Chicago.


What other services does MediaGrowth offer?

Beyond their annual conference, offers a peer group solution “Councils”; a training solution and a talent acquisition solution.


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