Industry Dive

What is Industry Dive?

Industry Dive is a large, US-based B2B Media company covering 20+ industry “verticals”. It is led by Sean Griffey, the CEO and a co-founder.

What Else Should You Know?

Industry Dive is known as a leader in B2B Media, having grown from zero revenue in 2012 to nearly $100M in annual revenue by the end of 2021.


Where is Industry Dive based?

Industry Dive is based in Washington, DC.


Who founded Industry Dive?

Industry Dive was founded by:

  • Sean Griffey, CEO
  • Eli Dickinson, CTO
  • Ryan Willumson, CRO

The founding team worked together at Fierce Markets, a business with a very similar operating philosophy – truly standardized platforms implemented in numerous industry verticals.


What are the Industry Dive brands?

Industry Dive started with a few brands in key b2b industries, but expanded quickly. Current brands, as this was written, include but aren’t limited to:

  • bankingdive.com
  • biopharmadive.com
  • cfo.com
  • cfodive.com
  • ciodive.com
  • constructiondive.com
  • cybersecuritydive.com
  • fooddive.com
  • grocerydive.com
  • hrdive.com
  • healthcaredive.com
  • highereddive.com
  • k-12dive.com
  • legaldive.com
  • marketingdive.com
  • medtechdive.com
  • multifamilydive.com
  • paymentsdive.com
  • pharmavoice.com
  • proformative.com
  • restaurantdive.com
  • retaildive.com
  • smartcitiesdive.com
  • socialmediatoday.com
  • supplychaindive.com
  • transportdive.com
  • utilitydive.com
  • wastedive.com


What is Industry Dive’s annual revenue?

As it is a private company, the exact numbers are not public, but in podcasts, Sean Griffey is very transparent on revenue streams. As of Q2 2022, the company was incurring an ARR of $100M+.

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