Flashes and Flames

What is Flashes and Flames?

Flashes and Flames is a niche, expert news site, providing in-depth coverage of media and information executives. It was founded by, and run by, Colin Morrison.

What Else Should You Know?

Flashes and Flames is a news and thought leadership site catering to media leaders. Its 2-3 articles per week include strategic takes on media trends and 1-on-1’s of media executives.


Who is Flashes and Flames for?

Flashes and Flames is for leaders of media and event businesses.


Who created Flash and Flames?

The founder and operator is Colin Morrison. Colin is an experienced media leader and leverages his deep experience and extensive network to onboard guests.


What does Flash and Flames cost?

Flash and Flames is a premium service requiring a subscription to access articles. It is an annual subscription costing 139 pounds sterling, at the time of this writing.

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