Farm Journal

What is Farm Journal?

Farm Journal is the leading B2B media business covering the USA agricultural market.

What Else Should You Know?

Farm Journal is a major player in agricultural media, offering a wealth of information and resources to farmers and agribusiness professionals. Known for their high-quality content and deep industry insights, Farm Journal helps agricultural leaders stay informed and make smarter decisions.


Who are Farm Journal’s Leaders

At the helm of Farm Journal is CEO Andy Weber, a visionary leader with a passion for agriculture and media. Under his guidance, the company has grown and evolved, staying at the forefront of the industry. The leadership team also includes key executives like Executive Vice President Charlene Finck and President Jim Arnold, who bring their extensive experience and expertise to drive Farm Journal’s mission forward.


What are Farm Journal’s Brands?

Farm Journal boasts a robust portfolio of brands that cater to various aspects of agriculture. Some of their notable brands include:

Farm Journal: The flagship magazine offering comprehensive coverage of agricultural news, trends, and best practices.
AgWeb: A leading online resource for farmers, providing news, market data, and expert advice.
Top Producer: A magazine and online platform focused on the business side of farming, helping farmers maximize their profitability.
Pro Farmer: Known for its market analysis and forecasts, Pro Farmer provides valuable insights into agricultural markets and trends.
Drovers: Aimed at the livestock industry, Drovers delivers news and information relevant to cattle producers and other livestock farmers.
The Packer: Focused on the produce industry, The Packer offers news, analysis, and market data for fruit and vegetable growers, shippers, and retailers.

Farm Journal’s brands are trusted sources of information that help agricultural professionals stay ahead of the curve. They offer a mix of print, digital, and event-based content, ensuring that their audience has access to the latest insights and developments in the agricultural world.

Farm Journal’s success lies in its commitment to providing top-notch, actionable content and its ability to adapt to the evolving media landscape. By leveraging both traditional and digital platforms, Farm Journal continues to lead the way in agricultural media, empowering farmers and agribusiness professionals with the information they need to thrive.

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