What is Brightspot?

Brightspot is a CMS (content management system) for enterprise publishers.

What Else Should You Know?


Brightspot is a technology business that enables content teams, and development teams, to build enterprise-level content platforms quickly. They remove much of the technical debt management responsibilities of internal development teams, enabling them to focus on work that is more value add.


What products or services does Brightspot offer?

  • For Editors, they provide an easy-to-use, headless CMS
  • For Developers, they provide APIs to allow them to develop a custom publishing application with a detached, headless CMS

Their product platform has the following features:

  • Article creation and publishing
  • Newsletter creation and publishing
  • Editorial approval workflows

And more.


Who are the customers of Brightspot?

Brightspot has a range of customers. Below is a breakdown of some of their customers, by type:

B2B Media:

Non-B2B Media:

  • Walmart
  • Sotheby’s
  • Special Olympics
  • Mattress Firm

What are the reviews for Brightspot?

As of the time this was written, Brightspot has the following customer review scores:

  • On Capterra: 3.5
  • On G2: 4.5

Note: these scores may be different at the time you read this.


Where is Brightspot based?

Brightspot is based out of northern Virginia, a suburb of DC. According to LinkedIn, they have 200+ employees as the time this was written.


What is Brightspot’s leadership team?

As this was written, their leadership team consists of the following:

  • CEO: David Gang. David is also a co-founder of the business.
  • CFO: David Bultema
  • CTO: Hyoo Lim
  • SVP, Product: Roy Ben-Yoseph


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