Turn Press Releases into a Positive

Turn Press Releases into a Positive

SwiftRev helps media companies convert press releases into new revenue streams while helping editors streamline their workflow via the first-ever Press Release Monetization Platform.



Press Release Monetization

Press Release Monetization

SwiftRev Platform

With features that delight revenue leaders while also making the editorial process of news discovery, analysis and publishing easier – and faster than ever before.


Turn a Cost Center
into a Profit Center

SwiftRev may be the only software product that pays you to use it. Turn press releases from inbound email barrages into self-purchase digital products. 

Through SwiftRev, customers leverage an ecommerce platform and dedicated press release content channel to get the word out.

Integrate in Minutes,
Not Days

To go live with a SwiftRev “integration”, it’s insanely easy.

No need for IT here. Copy code, paste it into a new CMS post or page and you’re ready to go. 

AI-Powered Ecommerce & Content Enrichment

Customers submitting their press release encounter a near-zero-click ecommerce experience, which leverages AI to automate press release extraction, classification, enrichment and more. 

SwiftRev not only makes it super easy to submit a press release, but improves the announcement along the way.

News Research Doesn't Have to Be So Much Work

All press releases that come through the SwiftRev platform are assigned a SwiftRev Score, powered by our proprietary AI. 

Editors – no need to waste critical time researching companies. SwiftRev presents company trend insights and corporate information, taking work off your plate.

SwiftRev Score

Pre-Built Editorial Content

Rewriting press release content is rarely why editors get up in the morning. SwiftRev’s pre-built editorial content fixes that.

Using AI to create pre-written, high performing editorial content, SwiftRev ensures editors get to bring their attention to more valuable work.

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