A Media Operator Podcast

What is the A Media Operator ?

A Media Operator is a podcast focused on the B2B media industry, helping those building B2B media or thinking about building new media brands.

What Else Should You Know?

The “A Media Operator” podcast was started in 2021 by Jacob Donnelly, the B2B GM for Morning Brew, a media brand.


What is the “A Media Operator” podcast about?

Jacob focuses on the B2B media executive, weather in a large mature company or  in a more startup environment. His general style is to allow the guest to speak the majority of the time, asking few but enabling questions. He is skilled at getting the guest speaker to speak comfortably about the history and genesis of their business, often sharing details about revenue and growth.


Where can you download the “A Media Operator” podcast?

It’s available on all major podcasts sources, e.g. Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts.


Who have been the guests on the “A Media Operator” podcast?

At the time this was written, Jacob Donnelly has had 20+ guests on the show. A few of those guests, include:

  • Tim Hartman, CEO of GovExec
  • Chris Ferrell, CEO of Endeavor Business Media
  • Arsalan Arif, Founder of Endpoint News
  • Amanda Hesser, Founder of Food52
  • David Nemetz, GM of Culture and Innovation at Bustle Digital Group
  • Jason Yanowitz, Founder of Blockworks
  • Nick Friese, CEO of Digiday Media


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